Almost got it! One last question..

Ana Maria Escalante aescalan at
Mon May 31 16:41:36 GMT 1999

     The only thing I can tink of is the hosts allow parameter in the
smb.conf. I had a similar behaviour here with one of my servers and when I
added the line Hosts allow (my IP domain 127.) everything started working
     Hope it helps

On Tue, 1 Jun 1999, Hoyt, Travis (Contractor) wrote:

> Okay, I'm to the point where I can see my server on the browse list of my win95
> pc.  Now when I try to map the
> drive it asks me for a password.  I enter my password and it says that it is
> incorrect.  It still seems like samba
> isn't using the NT server for authentication.  Any ideas as to what I need to do
> at this point?  Is there anything
> in smb.conf that needs to be set?  More importantly, is there anything on the
> NT-PDC that needs to be set
> to allow such authentication?
> Thanks!
> Travis

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