Then, anyone can tell me about "unable to join domain"??

Justo Alonso Achaques justo at
Mon May 31 09:45:52 GMT 1999

  I install samba 2.0.3 on Linux RedHat 6.0 and I get the message
  "unable to join domain..." when execute the command smbpasswd -j
  domain -r pdc.

  I saw manuals, docs, archives, faqs, and anything help me. ;((

  I do everything. I maked the account on the pdc, stop de daemons,
  execute the command, and it not work.

  I try stop/start daemons, the account whit append $, all.... but

  What i'm doing wrong??, it's a bug??

please reply me.

thankx, in advance, and sorry for my english.


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