Large number of users (was: Cannot add machine with latest CVS)

Glenn Gerrard glenng at
Mon May 31 02:12:55 GMT 1999

What about Ghost & Ghost Walker by Symantec that changes the NT SID?  I have
used this in the past with no ill effects.  Create the NTW image add your
apps etc.  Give it a dummy name "imagews"  and make it a member of a
workgroup not a domain.  Then create an image with Ghost (or whatever you
like).  Then boot the machine with a boot disk, run Ghost walker which will
change the SID.  Boot the box on the network and change the name to whatever
is desired and then join the domain.  Every box has the same software but
unique SIDS.  Way faster then dealing with an install script.  The only
caveat is that this is not supported by Microsoft, but then what is? :)

Glenn Gerrard

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> Could this be automated somehow? Computer names could be generated quite
> simply from the IP address here, and I would love to deploy the same NT
> after some application installations as well (where updating the computer
> name on every WS might result in some ugly work -- can renaming a WS be
> done at all after having joined the domain?).

No it can't. Renaming the WS will require re-joining the domain, since it's
a different WS. MS does have a tool available, which would do what you're
looking for. Here's some quote from the System Partition deployment guide:
"The System Preparation tool is used to prepare the image so that new
systems onto which images will be copied receive their own unique security
ID, or SID. Windows NT Workstation 4.0 requires that each PC must have its
own unique security ID."
Here's a link for more info (might be in two lines):


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