Large number of users (was: Cannot add machine with latest CVS)

Joachim Kupke joachim at
Sat May 29 14:36:02 GMT 1999

Am 29.05.1999 um 21:12 schrieb Marcus Graf zu "Re: Large number of users (was: Cannot add machine with latest CVS)":

> I've duplicated fully installed NT 4.0 Workstations with two methods: 
> - low-level sector-wise copying of the whole disk (works with FAT and 
>   NTFS, nees identical disk geometry)

Could this be done with different disk geometries but where say the first
physical partition is always the same size in 512 byte sectors?

> - booting Linux and tar czf data * (works with FAT only (yet!))

OK, but NTFS is a must, and experimental NTFS write support won't recover

> On the other machines I've only had to change the computer name (the 
> IP address was delivered via DHCP)

Could this be automated somehow? Computer names could be generated quite
simply from the IP address here, and I would love to deploy the same NT
after some application installations as well (where updating the computer
name on every WS might result in some ugly work -- can renaming a WS be
done at all after having joined the domain?).

Joachim Kupke

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