Any more progress on Citrix Metaframe vs. Samba PDC?

Brian Powell bpowell at
Sun May 30 03:57:08 GMT 1999

On Tue, 25 May 1999, Andy Polyakov wrote:
> ... In either case yet opened question is what happens if two
> users attempt to login simultaneously on the same of diffetent TSEs.
> If you could give some feedback on the matter I'll be most grateful.

We implemented your "kludge" today and it works wonderfully in our
initial testig.  Simultaneous logins on the same TSE work just fine.
The time to login on our NT TSE machine have gone from 2 minutes to
about 15 seconds with no apparent detrimental effect on normal NT
domain clients!  Thanks a million!  We only have one TSE, so I can't
test the effect on multiple servers...

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