Large number of users (was: Cannot add machine with latest CVS)

Marcus Graf mg at
Sat May 29 11:09:30 GMT 1999

Hi :-)

> Before "simply" trying it, I would like to discuss another issue: Deploying
> NT by disk duplication. Classically, this is a no-no, since obviously
> computer names should be different and less obviously, some internal SIDs
> must be different among workstations communicating with each other. 

May be a no-no - but works fine :-)

I've duplicated fully installed NT 4.0 Workstations with two methods: 

- low-level sector-wise copying of the whole disk (works with FAT and 
  NTFS, nees identical disk geometry)
- booting Linux and tar czf data * (works with FAT only (yet!))

On the other machines I've only had to change the computer name (the 
IP address was delivered via DHCP)

All machines were running fine together in the same subnet. So I 
dont't think you'll have to try your approach.

> Now
> if I put all workstations into different logical subnets (and thus
> preventing them to find their own names in different computers) and quite
> concludingly if I ran as many different Sambas as there are workstations,
> all listening in those different subnets on the same aliased net interface
> (having to cope a little with mostly redundant password files -- only the
> trust account should be separate, of course), wouldn't it then be possible
> to use the "same" NT a couple of times simultaneously? Any comments?

See above. It's possible, it's really easy and I've done it many 

  Marcus Graf

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