PDC on 2.0.36

Mike A. Harris mharris at ican.net
Sat May 29 04:10:29 GMT 1999

On Fri, 28 May 1999, Greg Dickie wrote:

> No official PDC functionality in anything before 2.1 prealpha (CVS code
>only) although 2.0.4b will act as a PDC well enough for most people.

Ok, that is nice to at least know then.  Why, may I ask, does the
outdated documentation that comes with samba 1.9.18xx even elude
to the fact that you can set up PDC, let alone convince you that
you can authenticate logons then?

Very strange indeed.

>There is no specific linux kernel version required for either
>of these AFAIK. In answer to your previous mail, this list is
>for general samba DC questions. Most of the samba team have
>recently been kept quite busy getting ready for the code merge
>from hell and writing books.

Allright, that is great then, I am in the right place.  I'm now
starting to get some very useful answers too.  Hopefully I'll
have something running soon enough that serves my purposes.

Basically, for my sample test LAN, I'm wanting to set up a samba
server to allow domain logons from a single Win95 machine, and a
Linux machine.  I want to put some shares on that machine, and
perhaps have per user or per machine logon batchfiles.  Roaming
profiles possibly later...

Right now, I'd just like to see the win95 box allowed to logon to
the network.  Any ideas of how to set up this simple setup?

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