PDC on 2.0.36

Greg Dickie greg at discreet.com
Sat May 29 02:27:13 GMT 1999


 No official PDC functionality in anything before 2.1 prealpha (CVS code
only) although 2.0.4b will act as a PDC well enough for most people. There
is no specific linux kernel version required for either of these AFAIK. In
answer to your previous mail, this list is for general samba DC questions.
Most of the samba team have recently been kept quite busy getting ready
for the code merge from hell and writing books.


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On Sat, 29 May 1999, Mike A. Harris wrote:

> I am running 2.0.36, and samba 1.9.18p10.  I've had some other
> people say that you cant do PDC with this version of samba,
> despite the documentation claiming otherwise.  I've also had
> someone tell me that I need the latest samba 2.0.4b, however that
> I need to use kernel 2.2.x in order to do PDC.
> So, is it possible to have functioning domain logons on a samba
> server running samba-1.9.anything on a 2.0.36 box?
> If not, is it possible to do so with samba 2.0.4b on a 2.0.36
> box?
> If not, is it totally necessary to switch to 2.2.x to get PDC?
> Any help on this, and/or pointers to specific documentation that
> addresses these questions would be greatly appreciated.  The
> samba documentation is nice, but doesn't seem to follow the
> actual software at any given snapshot of time.  My current take
> is that the documentation describes "what would be nice", or
> "what we are aiming for" rather than "it works".
> I just would like to know what CAN be done, and pointers to how.
> If something can't be done, I'm certainly patient waiting for a
> release that can't, but I just cant seem to get a straight answer
> anywhere.  I'd like to help out if I can in any way.
> Take care, and thanks in advance for any help!  Samba is a
> fantastic package so far, and has worked great for me in share
> mode for about a year now, keep up the great work!  (assuming
> developers are reading this).
> Thanks again,
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