Samba running on the nis-slave server and passwrod sync ?

Alan Hourihane alanh at
Fri May 28 12:50:40 GMT 1999

>Tomek Jarosinski wrote:
>> Hello,
>> I have a question to samba developpers:
>> In samba docs it is said that if i want to use smb-unix password sync in
>> nis enviroment, samba has to run on the nis - master server. Why it is
>> not possible to use smb-unix sync on the nis-slave sever ?
>> Greetings, Tomek
>Because running yppasswd on anything but the NIS master (even as root)
>causes a prompt for the old password, which samba does not know. This
>means the chat between samba and the password program is bound to fail.
You can hack the sources for yppasswd and take it out, that's what I did.

samba runs as root anyway, and I changed the program to yppasswd.hack
and chown'ed it 0700 for root only access.

There's a program called NISGINA, which has a samba password syncing 
tool. So I've created a script on each samba server which act as slaves too,
so when the slave receives a password change it sync's via unix's nis setup
and also sync's the samba password on all domain servers too.

Basically I have three domain servers all running nis and I can change my
password on one of the domains and it sync's them all on every domain, and 
even on the unix system.


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