Automated logon scripts [long listing]

Matthew Geier matthew at
Thu May 27 23:03:29 GMT 1999

> I am trying to implement automated logon scripts. Based on the users =
> primary group different drive mappings are used. i essentially have two =
> primary groups based on job roles ane user groups that are classroom =
> based. I.e., admin for administrators, teachers for teachers,

 I have about  8 primary groups - and just use
logon script = %G.bat

 and have a simple .bat script for each primary group.

 Each group batch script calls a common script that does stuff every one
 No pre-execs or on the fly writing of scripts. Each primary group has
their own .bat file.

Here is an example -
(primary unix group 'tax')

rem Personal login script for Taxation law group.
net use f: \\janus\homes
net use g: \\janus\tax
call \\janus\netlogon\common.bat


rem @echo off
rem Common actions for all logins. Matthew Geier , 03/96
rem Every one has a I and J map, and I want all to sync time with the server
net use /persistent:no
net use i: \\janus\share
net use j: \\janus\public
net time \\janus /set /yes

 The people with extra shares get extra lines in their main group script that
maps a 'G:' (group) drive. 
 The net use /persistent:no generates an error on some versions of windows but
ive ignored it - the script scrolls past so fast that most people dont notice
the error.... :-)

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