c00000BE error (service pack 5)

Kevin Myer kevin_myer at elanco.k12.pa.us
Thu May 27 20:59:45 GMT 1999

On Thu, 27 May 1999, Luke Kenneth Casson Leighton wrote:

> On Fri, 28 May 1999, Kevin Myer wrote:
> hm.  you should be able to not have a rid entry and the ldap system should
> create one for you.  if you _do_ have a rid and it's not same as uid, this
> is a bug if they are required to be same number.
> they can be different and it make no odds.

Thats what I thought too but when I attempted to change a password with
smbpasswd, it prompted about a missing rid attribute.  Of course, at this
point, I've got so much junk in my one entry and its been hand edited and
machine edited and everything else edited...

> > that the ntuid field is the login name, I have successfully logged into a
> > domain where Samba is the PDC and where I'm using a LDAP backend to store
> > the info!  Hooray - this has made working with NT fun again :)
> careful, kevin :)

I left out an important word there - "almost".  This has almost made
working with NT fun again.  The quicker I can put that beast of an
operating system out of its misery, the better, at least on the server
side.  I'm never going to get rid of it for Workstations but I can at
least serve up services in a stable manner.

> > I have come across a "feature" perhaps that Microsoft incorporated in
> > service pack 5.  I am running Windows NT workstation 4.0 with service pack
> > 5 applied, in a virtual machine from VMware nonetheless.  This is with
> > OpenLDAP 1.2.1, the Head-CVS Samba code and the problem I get is after I
> > login and authenticate succesfully, I am told that my password expires
> > today and am given the option to change it.  After I enter and reconfirm
> > my password, I get:
> this is due to an uninitialised field (ACB_INFO) or the password expiry
> time.  it's fixed in private/smbpasswd (jerry carter, if i recall
> correctly) but of course the ldap code was developed partially cut/paste
> style...

Is it worthwhile submitting a bug report then?  Or is LDAP stuff not even
on the bug scene yet?



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