Policies for special user accounts

Inge-Håvard Hunstad inge at cc.uit.no
Thu May 27 10:05:51 GMT 1999

On Thu, 27 May 1999, Norman R. Weathers wrote:

> Our biggest problem that we have is that since this is a teaching lab,
> we have a policy that is pretty restrictive that gets downloaded from
> the Samba server.  Of course, when something goes wrong on the
> computer.... Well, see what I mean.  Supposedly, if I was reading the
> Micro$oft jibberish right, there is a way in the policy to override
> the defaults that you set for certain individuals.  We have tried
> this, but we are still not getting the overrides that we want (ie,
> another technology coordinator and myself would like to setup the
> policy that if we log in, we have full control of the Control Panel
> and Start/Run menu's).  Anyone ever faced this one before?

I also saw the posibility to make individual policys for users in a
NTdomain in Poledit for NT. Is it possible to make this work with
winNTsp3 klients and a samba PDC? I used the head branch from march 15.
to test this but it didn't seem to work with that combination.

Thanks for any help.


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