Remote password changes

Jeremy Allison jallison at
Wed May 26 18:53:54 GMT 1999

Alfredo Ramos wrote:

> Is remote password changing (Unix/Samba) implemented in release 2.0.4b? If
> it is, how does the user change its password? from a DOS prompt?

Yes it is fully implemented.

> When I hit Ctrl-Alt-Del, the only two choices are the local host and the
> samba domain. What about Unix? Does the "unix password sync" parameter
> propagate the change to the unix password file?

Not so :-). The only choices in the Winodws *dropdown*
menu are local host and domain, however, if you look
carefully you'll see that the user and domain are editable
text fields.

Just click the mouse in the field and set the user and
\\NetBIOS name of the machine that you want to change the
password on and then type in old and new passwords as normal.
NT will then attempt a DCE/RPC signed & sealed connection and
invoke the password change rpc on the target machine whether
it be NT or Samba running on UNIX.

I meant to generate a new tech note document on this for
the 2.0.4 release but ran out of time. We really need a
document describing all the 4 (!) separate ways there are
of changing passwords in the SMB protocol...... (when I
get time....).


	Jeremy Allison,
	Samba Team.

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