PDC and Win95 clients

Greg Dickie greg at discreet.com
Wed May 26 15:38:45 GMT 1999

Win95 machines DO NOT participate on a domain therfeore the machine itself does
not need to be independantly authenticated. Win9x machines only authenticate
valid users against a domain. This is the big difference between domains and
workgroups. Win95 essentially treats the domain as a workgroup in most
respects, in NT it is completely different.


On 26-May-99 Samuel J Liddicott wrote:
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>> We have been using the 2.0 release of Samba since it came 
>> out, and we use
>> Win95 clients in our lab, but we don't have them listed in 
>> the smbpasswd
>> database.  We are running domain logons and we have never had 
>> a problem.
> Wow.  No failed authentification errors then?
> Sam

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