PDC and Win95 clients

Samuel J Liddicott sam at campbellsci.co.uk
Wed May 26 15:28:31 GMT 1999

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> None that I know of.  Seems like everything is running pretty 
> smooth.  

Well we have problems; we have to have an account for each user doing a
domain login.

We use win95 and have a 3 line login, Username, password and domain.  If
domain is used and exists then the username must always exist or this
error is given: 
"The user name cannot be found"

If the domain does not exist we get a seperate error.

We enabled domain logons for win95 in Settins, Control Panel, Network,
Client for Microsoft Networks, Logon Validation, tick "Logon to windows
NT domain" and fill in the domain.

If its not a domain login, it sure looks like it, and requires that the
account exists.

Policies and login scripts work too.

Some answers for your other problems below.

> Our
> biggest problem that we have is that since this is a teaching 
> lab, we have
> a policy that is pretty restrictive that gets downloaded from 
> the Samba
> server.  Of course, when something goes wrong on the 
> computer.... Well,
> see what I mean.  Supposedly, if I was reading the Micro$oft jibberish
> right, there is a way in the policy to override the defaults 
> that you set
> for certain individuals.  We have tried this, but we are 
> still not getting
> the overrides that we want (ie, another technology 
> coordinator and myself
> would like to setup the policy that if we log in, we have 
> full control of
> the Control Panel and Start/Run menu's).  Anyone ever faced this one
> before?

You need USER policies which only work if the PC is running in USER
share mode; and for this to work well you need samba 2.1.0 (it can
supply user lists) but policies don't work in the head branch at the

As for getting a good default policy, just find what registry settings
you need and set them in:


OR I think you can just "not logon" and then run poledit on the local

AND ANYWAY take a look at this:  Works like poledit (but not
customisable) but produces a .reg patch, that you can edit with notpad
so it applies to HKEY_USERS/.DEFAULT instead, and then import to all

You can even do 

regedit.exe /s regfile.reg

as RunOnce in your policies to silently merge the registry.  I do this
right now for some global patches that need to be in USER mode (2.1.0
policies don't work).

 <> Registry Patch Editor v1.1.0 [2.0M] W9x FREE


Managing Windows 9x on a network can be frustrating--especially if
you have to deal with different policies all day long. Here's
(quite arguably) the most unique 9x administration tool I've ever
seen. You can toggle the settings for a particular 'setup' and
then generate a regular registry file (REG) to be imported into
the system registry at any given time. This way, with one click,
new settings will be in place for a computer. Stop interacting
with the system policy editor--this is a quicker (more portable)
method. WARNING: this is for expert users only.


Example output is:


;;Created With: 
;;Registry Patch Editor - Version 1.1.0 
;;26/05/99 16:29:17



So it should be dead easy to change the root key!


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