NT authentication for 95/98 users mounting a unix FS

Ana Maria Escalante aescalan at ifcsun1.ifisiol.unam.mx
Tue May 25 16:22:01 GMT 1999

Hi Travis:
     I have done something similar here. You must install samba on your
unix box (where the home directories reside) and configure it as slave or
file sharing server (i.e. not as a controler). Your smb.conf must have the
same workgroup as the domain of your NT PDC, security=server and as  
password server you must set the name of your PDC. Just comment out all
the references to the password file and encription, wins and dns. But keep
the homes share definition or generate a new share named whatever you
like, pointing to the home directories of your users. Do not forget to map
the share point on the users logon script, so they may see their home
directory every time the connect to you NT server.
     Hope this help.


                     Ana Maria

On Wed, 26 May 1999, Hoyt, Travis (Contractor) wrote:

> Hello,
> I'll try to be brief.  I've been fussing with Samba and while I've been able to
> get it to
> work it's not working the way I would ideally like it to be setup.  Currently I
> have
> a couple of users with passwd entries in the smbpasswd file.  What I am looking
> to do is have pc users who logon to the domain through an NT PDC be able to
> mount their home directories on a unix box (if they have a valid account on that
> box) and have their authentication done automatically through the NT server.
> I remember seeing this done before, but I can't remember the method of setting
> it up.
> Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.
> Thanks,
> Travis

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