NT authentication for 95/98 users mounting a unix FS

Anthony L. Sollars seastar at seasurf.net
Wed May 26 05:02:09 GMT 1999

At 04:13 AM 5/26/99 +1000, you wrote:
>I'll try to be brief.  I've been fussing with Samba and while I've been
able to
>get it to
>work it's not working the way I would ideally like it to be setup.
Currently I
>a couple of users with passwd entries in the smbpasswd file.  What I am
>to do is have pc users who logon to the domain through an NT PDC be able to
>mount their home directories on a unix box (if they have a valid account
on that
>box) and have their authentication done automatically through the NT server.
>I remember seeing this done before, but I can't remember the method of
>it up.

Send me some questions, of what you are having trouble with. I have this
exact configuration working perfectly.


	Anthony L. Sollars

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