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Matthew Keller keller57 at
Wed May 26 04:55:22 GMT 1999

	I've been using Samba for over a year now, as a stand-alone "NT"
fileserver and am very used to it. Recently I started poking at the 2.x
releases, and have worked my way into 2.0.3-19990228 and now into
2.0.4b-19990519 - And have my linux box using my existing NT domain to
authenticate FLAWLESSLY... It's really great.

	I have 'unix password sync' and 'password program' (and the 'chat' and
'chat debug') set up, but when I change a password in windows, it never
updates the local passwd or smbpasswd files. It authenticated fine, and
lets me login, but never updates those. No errors are generated in
log.smb, so I'm not sure where to start poking at problems.


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