security = DOMAIN??

danch danch at
Wed May 26 01:44:02 GMT 1999

"Gerald W. Carter" wrote:
> Dan Christopherson wrote:
> >
> > If you _don't_ want this to be the PDC, you can remove the file named
> > <domain>.SID, in the samba's 'private' directory and/or use a different
> > domain name. Check the FAQ & doco for instructions on getting samba to
> > join a domain.
> This is wrong.  To disable PDC functionality when
> security = user, add
>         domain logons = no
D'oh! thanks for the correction. I hope i didn't further confuse the
confused in my confusion. 

> The DOMAIN.SID file is created because you are a PDC.  It is
> not the cause of the behavior, only a symptom.
Absolutely. I was only confused about what to do about it. Although I
was also thinking that the PDC had the domain SID _and_ its own SID.


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