Errors in Smb.conf file

Balaji Srinivasan balaji at
Tue May 25 17:08:48 GMT 1999

I read my own mail and could not comprehend it. So here is my second
attempt at describing my problems.
VERSION : My samba version is the head version on 19th of may.
AIM     : To setup samba server as the PDC and have Windows NT terminal
          server, Windows NT workstation, and Windows 98 boxes using it
          as a file and print server.
          In addition i want domain logons.
Setup   ; I have domain logons = yes and,
          and setup as follows:


	  I tried setting root=BUILTIN\Administrators as asked in the FAQ
	  but with that i cannot loginto the NT box
		root="Domain Admins"


Here is theerror that i get in the log.smb

[1999/05/24 20:19:13, 0] lib/sids.c:map_domain_name_to_sid(524)
  map_domain_name_to_sid: mapping to CPLANE\Administrator NOT IMPLEMENTED
[1999/05/24 20:15:53, 0]
  unix_name_to_nt_name_info: getgrnam for group Administratorfailed. Error 
  was Success.
[1999/05/24 20:15:53, 0] lib/domain_namemap.c:make_mydomain_sid(309)
  well-known NT user CPLANE\Administrator listed in wrong map file  

QUESTION: What is wrong? (Is anything wrong?)

That was the first problem i have. Second problem is as follows.
If i have protocol as NT1 then a windows NT machine (Service pack 3)
is not able to use the printer (it gives unknown error when adding the
printer). But if i set the protocol to LANMAN2 then the NT machine is able
to print but a win98 client cannot see long file names.
how do i get both to work at the same time?

thanks a lot in advance for your help...
PS: The sentence in the FAQ abt going through the obligatory reboot of the
NT machine had me in splits :)

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