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Subject: login/profile share question

I work for a N.E. Ohio school district where I have implemented three RH 5.1
Linux/Samba 1.9.18p7 servers (no NT servers period). I have domain logins
working like a champ (Win 98 clients). I have roving profiles also working
like a champ. However, since I started working with roaming profiles, my
users can no longer map to their home share. I have in the user's logon
scripts, the following line; net use s: /HOME . Prior to roaming profiles,
this line mapped the user's home share to the S:\ drive letter. Since
roaming profiles were put into place, this line maps the user's PROFILE
share to the S:\ drive letter. I need the user's home share mapped, not the
profile share. Here is an excerpt from my smb.conf file.

                 domain logons = yes
                 login script = %G.bat
                 logon home = "%N\%U"
                 logon path = %L\profiles\%U

I also have a root preexec in the [PROFILES] section to create the user's
profile directory upon initial login. This was taken verbatim from John Blair's Samba
book. The user's profiles are copied to and from the local PC when the user
logs in and out, just as it should.

What I would like to know, is there a bug here that is fixed in a later
release (2.0.3) or is there a work around that I may be able to implement.
BTW, I am using scripts based on the users primary user's group rather than
the user's name which is the reason for the net use s: /home line in the
script. The profiles are not shared. Each user has their own profiles.

On a related note, I am also trying to implement browsing over multiple subnets. I have followed the samba docs to the letter and I still can't seem to get it to work. I have tried the remote announce and remote sync commands in my smb.conf files. The clients can see the local master but not the remote masters. I have a wins server set up on one samba server on my WAN (also configured as the domain master) and the other two remote samba servers simply point to the domain master with the wins server running (configured as local domain masters only). I am running the version of Samba that was included with the RedHat Linux 5.2, it is not the latest. However, I have a test platform with the latest (2.0.3) and it doesn't seem to solve either of the problems.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Chip Spencer
Technology Coordinator
Madison Local School District
ma_spencer at lgca.org
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