Logons, bugs and priority

Yoann Dubreuil Yoann.Dubreuil at insa-rennes.fr
Tue May 25 07:26:04 GMT 1999

I would ask some questions.

First, i have a problem with the Administrator user. When i try to logon
in my WinNT box as an Administrator, sometimes it works, and sometimes,
it fails. I got the following message :

"The system can not log you on (C000019B), Please try again or consult
your system administrator"

Is it a bug ?? In all the case, i can connect me as the root user,
so there is no problem. (PS: When it doesn't works, i got 2 Domain
Admins group in the User Manager for Domains)

I use the prealpha version (2.1.0-prealpha) as a Primary Domain
Controller, and i would know if i can setup the 2.0.4b as a PDC. It
serves logons, user profiles, home directory and time.
I never manage to do this, if somebody can help me, it would be very
appreciate. I need to use the ACL support.

Last question,
The server where Samba runs is sometime used by other process and is
full loaded. Anybody know how to change the priority of smbd. (I do it
for nmbd, but i can't for smbd).

Sorry for my worth english !

Yoann Dubreuil
Stagiaire informatique
Departement GMA - INSA de Rennes
e-mail : Yoann.Dubreuil at insa-rennes.fr

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