MESSAGE : Unable to connect to domain controller for this domain.

Andrew Boswell A.Boswell at
Mon May 24 15:29:44 GMT 1999

Can anyone help with this?  I have set up 2.0.3 for network logons as
in Domain.txt.  

When I try to get an NT Workstation (4.0 + sp4) to join the domain in
Control Panel/Network/Identification Changes, I get the message:  

"Unable to connect to domain controller for this domain.  Have your
administrator check your computer account on the domain."

I have noticed if I have made a connection to Samba for normal Samba
fileserving from the same NTWS, I get this message instead:

"You already have a connection to the domain.  You must disconnect
before connecting to the domain."

So it seems that the NTWS knows which the domain is etc. I would 
expect this as WINS is configured on the NTWS to point to the Samba 

Is this because the Samba server has not got a machine account for the
NTWS?  However, if I try to add one with "smbpasswd" eg:

	/usr/local/samba/bin/smbpasswd -m test

I get 'User "test$" was not found in system password file.'

Help would be much appreciated in how to get the NT WS into the
domain.  TIA.


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