Try again - my smb.conf file

alister air alister.air at uts.EDU.AU
Mon May 24 09:41:13 GMT 1999

I think the smb.conf I sent before got itself manged somewhere along the
line... here's what it looks like.  To refresh, users can not use the NT
login/password combo to get access to any resources.  Maybe I stuffed up
the share?

# Global parameters
           workgroup = HSS
           netbios name = UNCLE-JOE
           server string = MacOS X Server Samba Server
           interfaces =
           security = DOMAIN
           encrypt passwords = Yes
           update encrypted = Yes
           map to guest = Bad User
           password server = mediacentre, bookingsnt
           log file = /usr/local/samba/var/log.%m
           max log size = 50
           socket options = TCP_NODELAY
           domain logons = Yes
           local master = No
           dns proxy = No
           wins server =
           admin users = acair alister

           comment = Home Directories
           read only = No
           browseable = No

           comment = All Printers
           path = /usr/spool/samba
           print ok = Yes
           browseable = No

   [Uncle Joe]
           comment = HFS+ Volume
           path = /Uncle\ Joe
           valid users = acair alister root
           admin users = acair alister root
           read only = No
           max connections = 1

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