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David Bannon D.Bannon at latrobe.edu.au
Mon May 24 06:38:59 GMT 1999

At 02:03 PM 24/05/1999 +1000, Matthew Enger wrote:
>	At school we run a samba server (2.0.4b) providing domain logins
>for approx 150 computers. Where we are having a problem.
>	When a student comes to login, they can login bypass the domain
>login secuirty by loging in as anyone with any password as long as the
>domain is not the domain controled by the domain controler.

Are you using WinNT or Win95on the client computers ? It is possible but
awkard to make the W95 machines secure. NT is by its nature secure.

If you are using Win95 have a look back through the archives, there was a
pretty comprehensive discussion on the subject a month or so ago. But in my
opinion (don't start again!) the only practical way to make a secure system
is to use WinNT.

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