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alister air alister.air at uts.EDU.AU
Mon May 24 02:36:27 GMT 1999

Hi again,

With a samba server as a domain member (not PDC or BDC) how then can I get
users to use its resources?  I've followed the steps in the FAQ, and that's
worked out fine... my server's in the domain.  I've also ben reading up on
everything I can get my grubby little hands on... but either I haven't
found the magic answer, or I did but wasn't bright enough to understand it.

I'm not sure about the "username map =" bit.  According to the FAQ, I'd
have to manually create accounts for all NT users?  There's no way of
automatically creating users on my samba machine, and having them updated
as user details change?  The "username map =" seemed to be the way to go o
do this, but I could only find a way of mapping logins to a single username.

What I've got is one NT domain imported into an NDS tree using NDS for NT.
The samba server is a MacOS X Server.  All NDS user details are kept
syncronised with the NT ones, and users log in to NDS and get access to the
domain that way (they could log in to the domain directly, but it's much
much easier to manage NT WS and 9x computers through NDS).

Is it possible to have users (and home directories) created on a samba
server which gets these details from an NT server when in turn gets these
details from NDS?  I can the use the NDS login script to map a drive letter
to the samba server, but more importantly, I can have one login and
password for my users - Windows and Mac (once bloody NetWare 5 supports Mac
users properly).  If all of this worked, I can create the users in NDS
which filters down to the NT domain (which happens now) and then through to
a Unix box.  With some minor additions on the Unix/MacOS Server side, then
I can have their same login as the authentication point for my Mac users
through Macintosh Manager (which comes with MacOS X Server).

This would make me ... well, if not happy, then at least content.

So, is the above even vaguely possible?  Or should I just give up now and
save myself a lot of trouble?




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