Migrating from paintext (or plaintext) to encrypted

tomek tomek at is.fh-hamburg.de
Sun May 23 11:06:00 GMT 1999

	So my samba pdc is running, i can login.
Thanks for all your advices folks !!!

	I have 4 samba servers here with more then 3000 users and about 120
ntws. Until now i am using all samba servers with security=share and on
all ntws for students they are only two accounts - administrator and
student with mandatory profile. There is one programm in the autostart
asking for unix uid and password and then connecting different samba
shares. It is working wonderfull since two years, students do not have
roaming profiles, only netscape with all email configuration was easy to
configure in such a way that every user has a prefs.js in his home.
	Now i would like to migrate to samba pdc. For NEW users it is possible
to write a script and when the new account will be created, unix and
samba password will be set. On the unix side i can write a script named
passwd or yppasswd , and this script will change both passwords. On the
samba side i can use "unix password sync".

But what should i do with all OLD accounts ? All old users have XXXX...
instead of their password. What happen when i will set NO PASSWORD in
smbpasswd for all old users ? I don't like a situation when somebody
will login on the server without a password. What kind of the solution
is here possible ? Everybody has to make a telnet session ?

Any ideas are welcome.


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