Problems connecting via NT 4.0 SP 4

Matthias Wächter matthias at
Sat May 22 23:45:31 GMT 1999

On Sun, 23 May 1999, Adrian Goins wrote:

> Quoting Matthias Wächter (matthias at
> > Using (lm)hosts files instead of WINS is as bad as using /etc/hosts
> > instead of DNS.
> i didn't mean to suggest _instead_ of WINS.  any effective Unix system has
> entries in /etc/hosts for machines whose information doesn't change -
> loghost, localhost, a couple others...  DNS is used for things not under
> our direct control or which change dynamically.  WINS should be the same
> setup - a couple of entries for the machines whose functionality is
> critical within lmhosts, and the others register/delete themselves from
> WINS as needed.

That's always a tradeoff between security and consistency. I hate
to seek a problem for days until I find out that it's a consistency
problem with some redundant information not copied appropriately.

And it's the same with DHCP - one the one hand, one can easily manage the
whole network consistently at his fingertip, on the other hand it's open
to intruders as is DNS and WINS.

I use static IP configuration, lmhosts and /etc/hosts entries only if it's
of major security concern or in case of network faults related to the
central services.

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- Matthias

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