Problems connecting via NT 4.0 SP 4

Melissa M. Thrush mmt4q at
Fri May 21 13:10:53 GMT 1999


Not sure, but I've had this error message on NT machines when I
don't type in the entire hostname:

	net use s:\\\sharename

Win95 machines don't like the entire hostname and will only accept:

	net use s:\\host\sharename



On Thu, 20 May 1999, Matthew Bradarich wrote:

> Just got in new PC's running NT 4.0 SP 4, and am having trouble connecting 
> to the Samba server (HP/UX 10.20 1.9.18 p10 version). 
> When running a net use s:\\hostname\sharename command I get the 
> following errors:
> 	System error 67 has occurred
>     The network name can not be found
>     The network connection could not be found.
> My lmhosts file is in place and I can ping the server I am trying to 
> connect to.
> Been combing the Samba Faqs and Documentation for the past two days to no 
> avail.  I did find on these pages to do a registry edit to 
> EnablePlaintextPasswords, so I did, but no help in connecting.  We have a 
> 95 machine it works fine with, only problem I did not set up that machine, 
> and the person who did left the company.
> Need help with configurations on the NT workstation to be able to connect 
> to the Unix Samba Server.
> Your help is greatly appreciated. 
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