Nixon, Shon shonn at
Fri May 21 12:50:09 GMT 1999

I am new to Linux and am trying to replace a file server running NT Server
4.0 with RedHat 6.0 and samba 204b. I do have the system running on a
separate test computer so that I can have everything corrected before I go
production with it. I have read that I can use an adduser script to help
migrate or add the username/passwords from NT to the Linux /etc/passwd file
when the user initially logs into the Linux server to access a share. My
problem is that I can not find (nor know how to write for that matter) an
"adduser script". Could someone please help me with this or at least point
me in the direction to a script that I may have to modify? Any help would be
greatly appreciated.   
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