Netscape & Roaming profiles deletes home directory !?

Michael Glauche mg at
Fri May 21 12:41:57 GMT 1999


   I just had a very disturbing experience with netscape. We are using 
netscape 4.51 german, with it's profiles shared on a samba homedir of
user. All 95 Clients work fine, only our NT4SP3 Client does delete the
homedir on startup ! :(
(Strange thing ist that it does not delete all of it, the user's profile
in there does not get deleted !?)

Any Ideas what could cause this ? It's limited to the samba-homedir
nothing else gets deleted. (lucky we had backups ...)

Using 2.1. cvs from a few weeks ago on an linux/intel machine.


Samba NT-Domain howto (in german )

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