Different login scripts for different OS ?

Michael Glauche mg at plum.de
Fri May 21 07:31:43 GMT 1999

Tomek Jarosinski schrieb:
> Hello,
> The syntax of net use commands is different in win95 and winnt. So, when
> i want to add some extra options for nt it will not work with w95 and
> vice versa. Is there any possibility to use different login.bat scripts
> for different windose versions ?
> All the best,
> Tomek

Someone posted this a few days ago :

@echo off
if %OS%.==Windows_NT. goto WinNT
if %windir%.==. goto DOS
echo Win9x stuff here...
goto end
echo DOS stuff here...
goto end
echo WinNT stuff here...
goto end



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