Samba vs. Macs running DAVE!

Don Wolff dwolff at
Thu May 20 12:59:11 GMT 1999

At 6:23 PM +0000 5/20/99, Anthony L. Sollars wrote:
>I am having a problem that has got me stumped. I have a NT 4.0(sp4) PDC
>with a Linux box running Samba 2.0.3. I am now trying to implement file
>sahring amongst our macintosh computers, along with our PC's. To do this
>I purchased a software package called DAVE. I cannot get the macs to
>print to the print server which is controlled by the NT box. Plus, for
>some reason I cannot get the macs to read the shares on the samba box.
>Actually, they see the samba box through chooser, and even see the 2
>basic shares I have, tmp & mac3(which is the systems home directory.
>But, the macs cannot detect the contents of these shares. When it puts
>the link to the share on the desktop, it looks like a flopppy disk icon,
>not a network drive. Does this mean something. any help would be great!

Why not run Services for Macintosh on the NT box? This will allow you to
create Mac shares that they can see, create a printer spool through the NT
box to any printer that will do PS.

Currently I am running this configuration and am having no problems
printing to an old NEC SilentWriter, or seeing the Mac Volumes I have

Willing to give more specifics if you'd like.



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