Samba vs. Macs running DAVE!

Anthony L. Sollars seastar at
Thu May 20 18:23:20 GMT 1999

Dear all,

	I am having a problem that has got me stumped. I have a NT 4.0(sp4) PDC
with a Linux box running Samba 2.0.3. I am now trying to implement file
sahring amongst our macintosh computers, along with our PC's. To do this
I purchased a software package called DAVE. I cannot get the macs to
print to the print server which is controlled by the NT box. Plus, for
some reason I cannot get the macs to read the shares on the samba box.
Actually, they see the samba box through chooser, and even see the 2
basic shares I have, tmp & mac3(which is the systems home directory.
But, the macs cannot detect the contents of these shares. When it puts
the link to the share on the desktop, it looks like a flopppy disk icon,
not a network drive. Does this mean something. any help would be great!


Anthony L. SOllars
Technology Coordinator
Star of the Sea School

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