Broken things in 2.1 packaging

canfield canfield at
Thu May 20 17:02:40 GMT 1999

I know it's probably too early to be worrying about fixing up the packaging
directory, but I noticed that the RPM RedHat packaging for 2.1 recently
broke, so I thought I'd pass this info along.

1) The script does not properly find the three paths at the
beginning of the file.  I'm assuming this is something that has changed in
RPM v3 that breaks the awk line, but I don't know anything about awk to
suggest a fix.

2) The makefile-path.patch is broken by the addition of a few new config
files.  I could send a new patch file to whomever is appropriate, but of
course it's just a matter of re-running diff.

Finally, now that there are 5-6 config files that can potentially be in
/etc, would it be possible to change the RPM stuff so that the samba config
files are placed in a directory called /etc/samba or /etc/smb or something?



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