Restricting user access

Simon Butcher Simon.Butcher at
Thu May 20 15:33:07 GMT 1999

Hi Samba Gurus!

I remember my NT days (oh, weren't they sorry), only recently dumping the
whole NT server thing that slow and useless (I felt like chucking it in for
a win 95 box at times).. Samba has definitely developed since it's humble
beginnings where I picked it up and threw it away a little too quickly.. Now
look at it; I don't know why I dropped it!

Anyway, the question I have for the gurus is how can I restrict users to
only be logged into one session at a time, or a maximum of two sessions at a

Also, is there a way of restricting access so that users can only log into a
certain machine, or a certain list of machines?

A while ago I read this wasn't implemented but recently I can't find
anything saying that anywhere (or maybe I'm too tired and keep missing it).

Any help you guys could give me would be great!


Simon Butcher
Hitz FM Melbourne - 89.9
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