Problems connecting via NT 4.0 SP 4

Matthew Bradarich matthew.bradarich at
Thu May 20 13:23:08 GMT 1999

Just got in new PC's running NT 4.0 SP 4, and am having trouble connecting 
to the Samba server (HP/UX 10.20 1.9.18 p10 version). 

When running a net use s:\\hostname\sharename command I get the 
following errors:

	System error 67 has occurred
    The network name can not be found
    The network connection could not be found.

My lmhosts file is in place and I can ping the server I am trying to 
connect to.

Been combing the Samba Faqs and Documentation for the past two days to no 
avail.  I did find on these pages to do a registry edit to 
EnablePlaintextPasswords, so I did, but no help in connecting.  We have a 
95 machine it works fine with, only problem I did not set up that machine, 
and the person who did left the company.

Need help with configurations on the NT workstation to be able to connect 
to the Unix Samba Server.

Your help is greatly appreciated. 

Matthew Bradarich
matthew.bradrich at
Phone (813) 978-7908

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