.SID (ie no machine name)

David Bannon D.Bannon at latrobe.edu.au
Thu May 20 04:42:28 GMT 1999


Does this sound familiar to anyone, I know I am doing something wrong but
cannot see what.

I just built a new RH5.2 box and put the head cvs on it. However it fails
in a number of ways, the most obvious being that the sid in private is just
.SID not as it should be TRILLION.SID . I have searched logs for a hint
without success, there is plenty of mentions of TRILLION there. Hostname is
correct. I know its not a samba bug because I can even bring binaries over
from an essencially similar machine and still show the same problem. 

Other symptoms :
* drops core when adding a user with smbpasswd.
* tells me it cannot find a user (that I know is there) when changing 
  passwd with smbpasswd.
* wont offer even a version number, let alone a share to others browsing.

This is all with simplest possible smb.conf, not PDC, only homes, no
performance tweeks etc.  

In desperation I got a copy of version 204 (ie non PDC) and it works fine.

Explain that ! (please).

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