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Wed May 19 19:41:49 GMT 1999

Sehr is dead wrong. Trust me. I use netlogin.pds and this machine, a FreeBSD
box (sorry don't use kids linux boxes) in each user's dir (/home/some_user) i
have a dir called Profiles. Example /home/lnb/Profiles/netlogin.pds (which I
have attached a copy). On my Wintoes NT (PDC) box, when adding a new user, I
put in the profile part of user manager for domains, login script: netlogin.pds
login dir: \\freedom\username\Profiles
and presto...it works like a charm :-)


Lanny Baron


On 19-May-99 Matthias Wächter wrote:
> On Thu, 20 May 1999, Anthony L. Sollars wrote:
>> Dear all,
>>      What do you name the logon script, name and extension. Does it matter?
>> I have set the NT PDC to force the workstations to sync their times, but
>> to no avail it has not worked. I want to implement this into a script
>> and see if I have better luck. 
> Win9x _only_ supports .BAT batch files. Don't ask me why... :-( I don't
> know about NT yet, but taking the other differences for the main
> networking features into account, I think NT supports .EXE, too. But this
> is not proven.
> Sehr Wus,
> - Matthias
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@echo off
echo Setting System Time
@net time \\freedom /set /yes
echo Connecting Drives & Printers
@del c:\windows\hosts
@del c:\windows\lmhosts

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