NT4/SP3 problem connecting to the PDC

Andreas Schmidt as at ski-oberland.de
Wed May 19 07:42:19 GMT 1999

Hello Out there

I've configured two Linux machines with samba 2.0.3. Both as members of
the same domain, both with security = user .
The first one should play the PDC ( wins support = yes) ,
the other one just a WINS-client (wins server = ip.of.other.server).

If I connect from one Linux machine to the other with the command
'smbclient \\\\SERVERNAME\\DIRECTORY password -U user' everything
works fine in both directions.

My first question: Is this a sign, that my PDC is configured well?

Cause my problem is, as i want to connect my WinNT WS to the Domain, I
just get
the following error-message: "Unabe to connect to the domain controller
for this domain.
Have your administrator check you computer account on the domain. "
I tried this with the same user/password as I used connecting the two

Did I forget to do some settings in the WinNT-system?

Can anybody help me? I've allready went crazy without solving this

Have a nice day


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