smbpasswd and "unix password chat"

David Bannon D.Bannon at
Wed May 19 00:01:36 GMT 1999

At 05:49 AM 19/05/1999 +1000, CAE Samba Admin wrote:
>If password changing from a remote windows machine is set up correctly w/
>"unix password chat" is is possible to get smbpasswd to change the unix
>passwords in addition to the smb ones?

yes, that is the purpose of the 'unix passwd sync' system. I use it under
NT, believe it works under w95, messages on either side of yours indicate a
problem with w98. (I replaced all my w98 with w95 so don't know).

The problem is often that the unix passwd programme fails to change the
passwd because the offered passwd is unacceptable. Recent versions of linux
(and I assume others) are very fussy about the security of passwords and
wont let you use anything that is even similar to a dictionary word. The
passwd programme itself returns a reasonable error message when this
happens, however samba and NT between them don't pass the error message
back, leaving the user wondering what is wrong ! 


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