Unable to connect to the domain controller

Matthias Wächter matthias at waechter.wol.at
Tue May 18 21:42:20 GMT 1999

On Wed, 19 May 1999, Florian Laws wrote:

> > The parameter should be split into:
> > 
> > security=Share/User
> > User authentication=Local/OtherServer/OtherDomainController
> Perhaps "security=domain" could be simply renamed to "security=domainmember".
> It is a bit longish, but it helps to avoid one of the most common 
> misunderstandings in Samba PDC configuration.
> If someone could point me to the right part of source (at least vaguely)
> I'd submit a patch, I'm just feling a litte afraid of the lots of code. :-)

Well ... hmm ... I think that everyone not familiar with samba's security
scheme will use "security=server" then because it sounds best. Potentially
a lot of unnecessary work in the mailing lists for the gurus, if one asks

Every friend of mine wishing to implement a PDC with samba fist used
"security=domain" - not that my friends are that stupid, but I think the
amount of users doing the same will grow significantly when PDC support is
an official feature.

Sehr Wus,
- Matthias

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