security=domain == security=domainmember

Andy Bakun abakun at
Tue May 18 21:15:26 GMT 1999

Untested, but this should do it.  USE AT YOUR OWN RISK.  This will make

security = domainmember

equlivent to

security = domain

Things like swat may have to be changed also (but I don't use swat, so this is
just a guess).

*** param/loadparm.c.orig     Tue May 18 16:11:32 1999
--- param/loadparm.c  Tue May 18 16:11:55 1999
*** 465,470 ****
--- 465,471 ----

  static struct enum_list enum_security[] = {{SEC_SHARE, "SHARE"},  {SEC_USER,
                                           {SEC_SERVER, "SERVER"}, {SEC_DOMAIN,
+                                          {SEC_DOMAIN, "DOMAINMEMBER"},
                                             {-1, NULL}};

  static struct enum_list enum_printing[] = {{PRINT_SYSV, "sysv"}, {PRINT_AIX,

Florian Laws wrote:

> Perhaps "security=domain" could be simply renamed to "security=domainmember".
> It is a bit longish, but it helps to avoid one of the most common
> misunderstandings in Samba PDC configuration.
> If someone could point me to the right part of source (at least vaguely)
> I'd submit a patch, I'm just feling a litte afraid of the lots of code. :-)
> Florian

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