PDC + unix password sync

Thomas Hahn thomas.hahn at stud.uni-karlsruhe.de
Tue May 18 20:53:35 GMT 1999

Hi Dave,

> not necessarily.  If you have a PAM system (redhat, solaris) you can use
> the pam_smb.so module to authenticate from a samba or NT server...
> Works GREAT. (I use it so users can use netatalk and samba with the same
> username/passwords)

We've got three different systems by now: Solaris, NT, Linux; each has
its own password and user database. Now we want to set up a samba server
(Linux) that has got the home directories and also the password

I've understood that the samba and unix password both can be changed by
the NT clients. So the other way is much more interesting for me. 

Does PAM also support NIS-authenticated clients? What about new users? 

Or would it be better to change a unix user's passwd with a script that
calls both smbpasswd and passwd?

Bye, Thomas

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