PDC + unix password sync

Florian Laws florian at void.s.bawue.de
Tue May 18 19:00:01 GMT 1999

On Wed, May 19, 1999 at 12:32:02AM +1000, Alexander Dubielczyk wrote:
> Hi Frederic!
> > > Perhaps the only problem is that i do not understand the right way
> > > this option should work. I added a user via smbpasswd and he gets
> > > access to the domain, but if i change the password on the unix
> > > shell for this user, the domain password stays the old one.
> > This is the opposite : when the user changes his smb password, then
> > the Unix password is also modified, using the application you
> > specified in the "passwd program" parameter.
> [...] Yes, I already thought so. Although the opposite would be 
> much more interesting for me. I wanted to use the Linux System 
> as a Fileserver for Windows Workstations. The users there should 
> not come in contact with the unix shell. So I wanted to to make 
> them change their passwords through Webmin or a similar system.
> But those systems only support the change of the standard unix 
> accounts. :-(

Since you are running Samba as a PDC anyway, you could try
Password changing vie CTRL-ALT-DEL and "Change Password" on
NT, it should change the Password on the PDC, and Samba syncs
it with the Unix password.

How is the status on this feature? Does it work for CVS HEAD?
(which I'm using, but I haven't tried this feature yet, though
I'll have to.) It it implemented at all?



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