PDC + unix password sync

Alexander Dubielczyk alexdu at sl1.nrh.de
Tue May 18 19:19:38 GMT 1999

Tach Matthias!

> ??? Why use the web? Just press CTRL-ALT-DEL and select "change password"
> on your NT computer. If Unix Password Sync is enabled (and everything
> works), then both the smbpasswd-password and the passwd-password are
> changed correctly. 

It works with Windows NT...

> > I hope it will soon be possible to change the passwords and user 
> > configuration with client tools from windows.
> With WinNT (4SP3) it works perfectly, Win98 already doesn't work correctly
> for me. Is there anybody who has a Win98 machine which is able to change a
> password via the "Control Panel"->... Change-password-dialog?
... but it also does not work with win98 on my systems. That was 
the problem. Most of the computers on my lan  use Win 98. I think 
i read something about this topic and as far as i can remember it 
was announced to work in samba 2.1.0?! 

BTW: Can anyone tell me which features of the NT-usermanger or 
already supported and which will be supported by the next samba 
version? Haven't had the time to find it out yet. :-(

      Alex (AlexDu at Nrh.De)

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