How to turn off roaming profiles

Tomek Jarosinski tomek at
Thu May 13 09:26:35 GMT 1999

1. I would like to use for some users only the domain logon on the NT
workstations, but i do not want to use roaming profiles. When user
logins on the local workstations he should get default profile and it
shoul be deleted when he logs out. Is this possible ?

2. If i will use roaming profiles, then i need a profile share on the
server, when the profile should be stored.Do i need to create for every
user a profile directory on this share (probably yes). What permissions
on the unix side should have profile share and ./profile/username
directory ?

3. If i want that when users login for the first time get some prepared
profile, where should i store this profile on the samba server ? 

4. Which samba is better now for PDC logins - latest cvs oder 2.0.2 or
2.0.4 ?
Have a nice day !
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