SUMMARY (Sort of): Trouble with UNC

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Tue May 18 11:36:10 GMT 1999

OK I'm coming into this late but I had to solve a very similar problem

1) What service pack is on NT? If it is 3 or 4 (or 5!) then you need
to have samba using encrypted passwords. If not then NT will refuse to even
try to send the username and password that it already has and will not cache
them, either. 

2) What user does the process on NT run as?  For the UNC path to be available
you will need that username to exist on samba. That means it must be in the
regular password database (/etc/passwd or NIS or NIS+) AND in smbpasswd.

3) If 2 is not possible you might try putting "map to guest = bad user" and
putting "public=yes" in that service but this will pretty much bypass security.

hope this helps a bit,

On 18-May-99 Samuel Liddicott wrote:
> Maybe use the
> confile file=smb.%M.conf
> so you have a seperate config file ONLY for that machine; the config file
> could run samba in SHARE mode if it wanted to, with all kind of guest options
> that ONLY affect connections for that machine.
> Surely this way you could find some options that would work; especially with
> guest options.
> Can you also confirm you did do what another user suggested, which is that
> the owner of the process that makes the connection does have an account on
> the unix machine.  also, perhaps you could map a netork drive (I know) BUT
> then not use the network drive, but that might be enough to demonstrate
> strong enough permissions that when accessed via UNC it doesn't ask for a
> password.
> Sam
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>> On Sat, 15 May 1999, Thompson, Dave wrote:
>> > We are attempting to configure Samba to be able to 
>> transfer files (data
>> and
>> > some images) from Solaris 2.6 to optical storage 
>> connected to an NT 5
>> > machine:
>> > 
>> > UNIX Server -----> Samba -----> NT Server with FileNET 
>> App -----> Optical
>> > Storage
>> > 
>> > We need the NT server to be able to read/write to/from 
>> UNIX.  I don't
>> > understand the NT piece of things, but following is what 
>> our guy who is
>> > doing the NT piece is saying about our current problem:
>> > 
>> > "I need to be able to access the UNC for a directory 
>> located on Solaris
>> > using Samba. I have a process on NT that needs to be able 
>> to access this
>> UNC
>> > path for writing and reading of files. The main point is 
>> that it needs to
>> be
>> > able to connect without the prompting of a password. I 
>> have tried mounting
>> a
>> > drive on the NT box and this works fine because I can 
>> enter a password and
>> > connect to the Samba server, but the software package 
>> running on the NT
>> box
>> > cannot access the drive in this format . As stated before 
>> it must be an
>> > unmounted drive and access must be granted through the UNC path."
>> > 
>> > Can anyone help?
>> > 
>> > Thanks,
>> > 
>> > -Dave
>> > 
>> ***SUMMARY:
>> Thanks to Andrew Perrin and Tony Sollars for their suggestions.
>> Unfortunately, we're still having the problem after trying 
>> all suggestions.
>> If anybody has any more ideas, please let me know.  Will 
>> the O'Reilly book
>> help?
>> Thanks,
>> -Dave

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