Problems with profiles

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Mon May 17 15:09:39 GMT 1999

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> I got some problems with my roaming profiles.
> 1. After about one week some profiles are still on my 
> server but when I
> trie to log in, NT says: No local profile availible... I 
> dont use local
> profiles and in the registry there is a value
> DeleteRoamingCache=1(dWord).

So you were expecting a remote profile to be downloaded.  Is there one there?

> The person whom always use the same PC didnt have any problems with
> there profiles. Only the sharing PCs are a little bit insane.
> The profilea didnt use the ntconfig.pol.

I noticed that policies don't seem to work right now with 2.1.0

> Only one user gets the permissions I set in ntconfig.pol.
> The others uses the default user permissions.
> Is there any help outside?????

I think its just that policies are plain broken in 2.1.0

Turn you logging up to 5 and see if there is any mention of config.pol when a user logs on; if not then its because its broken and thats your problem there.

You could run policy editor on the local PC and turn on roaming profiles properly manually and then it should work.  Roaming profiles worked for us even though the policies were broken.


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