Problems with profiles

Cord-H. Fricke fricke at Team.OWL-Online.DE
Mon May 17 13:26:45 GMT 1999

Hi there,

I got some problems with my roaming profiles.
1. After about one week some profiles are still on my server but when I
trie to log in, NT says: No local profile availible... I don´t use local
profiles and in the registry there is a value
The person whom always use the same PC didn´t have any problems with
there profiles. Only the sharing PC´s are a little bit insane.
The profilea didn´t use the ntconfig.pol.
Only one user gets the permissions I set in ntconfig.pol.
The others uses the default user permissions.

Is there any help outside?????

Cord-H. Fricke
0 52 1 / 52 51 133
fricke at

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